Quota Consulting Group Intl. Corp to implement second T&T Solution for Arena Pharmaceuticals GmbH

Following the successful implementation of the serialization solution for blister packaging line “Isolde” (manufacturer: Uhlmann) with SAP ERP, Arena Pharmaceuticals GmbH again commissions Quota Consulting Group Intl. Corp with setting up the Trace & Track functionality for bottling line “Helvetia” (manufacturer: Deckert).

Located in Zofingen (Aargau), Arena Pharmaceuticals GmbH manufactures pharmaceutical products in the form of pills and hard gelatine oral capsules, and ensures packaging subject to country-specific requirements. In addition to their own product, an appetite suppressant for weight management called BELVIQ®, Arena also produces original drugs and generic medication as a subcontractor for pharmaceutical partners across Europe, Asia, and America.

Arena has been distributing serialized drugs to South Korea since February 2015, thus ranking among the pioneers with regard to Track & Trace for folded box packaged goods. Moreover, being able to add an anti-tapering protection to folded boxes, Arena is already well prepared to meet the European Union’s Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) that stipulates compulsory serialization for prescription medicines in the EU as from February 2019.

The next milestone in Arena’s serialization roadmap will be to convert the bottling line to Track & Trace in order to meet the Drug Supply Chain Security Act’s (DSCSA) requirements issued by the FDA (the US Federal Drug Administration). Arena’s goal is to launch the new solution three months before the official due date in November 2017.

To reduce deployment time, Arena has chosen to combine an extension of the SAP technology, previously introduced by Quota and already in use for the blister line, with outsourcing the printing tasks for human- and machine-readable dynamic data on bottle labels, such as serial number and 2D barcode. This approach has enabled a customer-specific solution based on an existing packaging process while making some of the financial resources originally budgeted by Arena available for other projects.

The Handling Unit Management reproduces serialization of the individual bottles and full aggregation within SAP. Serial number processing is integrated in all the supply, production and distribution processes (including returns) and is primarily supported by applications based on the MOBISYS® product line.

For more information:

Contact Arena:
Arena Pharmaceuticals GmbH, Untere Brühlstrasse 4, CH-4800 Zofingen www.arenapharm.com 

Contact Mobisys:
MOBISYS GmbH Altrottstr. 26 | D-69190 Walldorf www.mobisys.de


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