«Quota does always find a solution and delivers in our projects frequent «magic moments» – Jürgen Maier and his team does an great job.»

Ready-to-use, customised but close-to-standard SAP solutions, thanks to SAP coding expertise and industry-specific insider knowledge

Coding expertise is required to ensure sound advice giving, while enterprise process and applications knowledge is essential for delivering a good programming job. Quota’s focus lies on the areas of telecommunication, the banking and the chemical industry. This is why we engage software engineers with a good knowledge of SAP on source level who are also practitioners from the relevant industries.

Quota will support you and your SAP project from A to Z. After completion of your project, your solution will be working and in operation, your management and staff will have been trained, and if you wish, your system will be serviced and operated by our experts, even in partial outsourcing. Quota supplies more than just concepts and PowerPoint sheets! We commit ourselves to realizing efficient solutions that meet all our customers’ needs and are extremely well accepted by users.

Quota’s solution portfolio


  • SAP ERP software deployment
  • Customizing industry-specific applications
  • Support with go-live and rollout handling


  • Taking charge of ongoing SAP projects
  • Supporting internal and external project teams
  • Evaluations, optimisation proposals, fine-tuning

Customised development

  • Deep knowledge of SAP source code
  • Solutions adapted to SAP logics
  • Optimisation of system performance

User exits and modifications

  • Full utilisation of all possibilities offered by predefined standard processes
  • Modifications only where absolutely necessary
  • Comprehensive coding experience for SAP standards