An integrated SAP solution, including tablet PCs for mobile construction site management

An integrated SAP solution, including tablet PCs for mobile construction site management

«A holistic, pragmatic approach that results in competent consulting and agile, flexible services.»
Thomas Leemann, Project Manager, a.en Aare Energie AG

Quota Consulting Group developed a mobile warehouse management solution for a.en Aare Energie AG. Using tablet PCs, the technicians now work directly with SAP, ordering material, reporting working hours and driving times, as well as registering orders. A customised development was needed in order to create this intuitive user guidance that was implemented by Quota Consulting Group Schweiz AG, Aare Energie’s reliable partner business of many years.

ERP solution with full integration of all available and necessary SAP modules

ERP solution with full integration of all available and necessary SAP modules

«Superior technical craftsmanship, in association with a profound business knowledge: a very rare combination.»
Jean-Pierre Roth, IT Manager, Arena Pharmaceuticals GmbH

The pharmaceutical company developed a new enterprise solution together with partner Quota Consulting Group Schweiz AG. Without exception, all the business processes are reproduced by the SAP system: Procurement and Sales, PPS and Logistics, but mainly industry-specific modules such as Quality Management, Plant Maintenance, Characteristics Strategy, PI sheet, and Materials Management, including Handling Unit Management.

Fischer Spindle Group AG: Smart Factory

Fischer Spindle Group AG: Smart Factory

«With MSB and MSB FIVE, we were able to eliminate unnecessary work steps in logistics, production, and customer service and design all processes worldwide in a uniform and efficient manner. Our end users are absolutely thrilled with the ease of use and high performance.»
Ali Kaplan, Project Manager SAP, FISCHER Spindle Group

Fischer Spindle Group AG unifies processes in purchasing, logistics, production, and customer service worldwide. Work steps take place directly in the SAP system using mobile devices. Read more about the implementation of Mobisys Five by Quota Consulting Group now.

Customer statements

«High skills and reliability – that’s what Quota stands for. We finally found a SAP partner able to exceed even our expectations!»

Martin Voegeli, Nahrin AG

«The Quota team knows how to achieve the impossible.»

Rosmarie Hangartner

«Excellent IT solutions and outstanding advice in all topics related to SAP.»

André Baumgartner, a.en – Aare Energie AG

«Our cooperation was characterized by fairness and reliability throughout.»

Rolf Bürgi, Klinik St. Anna

«Competent, reliable, goal-oriented!»

Jan-Oliver Volz, Lonza Group AG

«I’ll put it in a nutshell: pragmatic, agile and successful.»

Urs Grolimund, Fischer Spindle Group

«Through a perfect alliance between competence and helpfulness, Quota finds a (programming) solution for every problem!»

Barbara Ansaldi, Klinik Hirslanden AG

«Reliable and personal support – at any time and place. Quota makes us absolutely secure from A to Z.»

Marcel Essert, Arena Pharmaceuticals GmbH

«Thinking of Quota, I always remember our great cooperation. Would I again implement IT projects together with Quota? Anytime!»

Jean-Claude Flury, Siegfried AG

«Quota not only speaks of customer orientation, Quota lives it. We worked together swiftly, proficiently, flexibly and without hassle. That’s what success is all about!»

Martin Hert, Inselspital Bern

«High skills paired with utmost efficiency: a combination that is rarely found.»

Stefanie Ringwald, Nahrin AG

«Quota stands for competence and passion. For them, there is no challenge too big to handle.»

David Schlaginhaufen, Arena Pharmaceuticals GmbH

«In terms of SAP, Jürgen Maier is Mac Gyver with his Quota team. Their long-standing expertise and inventive talent have enabled them to find elegant solutions to many of our complicated problems.»

Reto Lehmann, Siegfried AG

«Quota does always find a solution and delivers in our projects frequent «magic moments» – Jürgen Maier and his team does an great job.»

Leonardo Moccia, Arena Pharmaceuticals GmbH

«This is a partner whose passion in work equals the one shown by our own staff. No one can reach Quota’s proficiency level in the area of SAP Consulting and Support.»

Rick Mauldin, Fischer USA Inc.

«Quota’s high-level know-how and quality are being enhanced by important human qualifications: keeping calm, remaining friendly and cooperating in all fairness. Moreover, the people are quick to react and extremely flexible.»

Christoph Thueler, Taracell AG

«The cooperation with Quota is extraordinary efficient and very customer focused. Without the tireless and professional service SAP IS-H had never been so successfully implemented in Hirslanden Klinik St. Anna, Lucerne.»

Reto Baumgartner, Hirslanden AG