«This is a partner whose passion in work equals the one shown by our own staff. No one can reach Quota’s proficiency level in the area of SAP Consulting and Support.»

Personally committed to the best customer service ever: Quota is always more than you expect

The Quota Consulting Group offers a wide range of services aimed at streamlining business processes and developing well-matched software systems. During our projects, we work in close proximity with our clients and gain deep insights into their business. This is why we employ only staff with integrity and best interpersonal skills. We are personally committed to supporting and assisting you whenever you need us. This is our promise!

Consultancy-related offerings

  • We advise management teams on designing and integrating value-creating business concepts enabling their company to establish, increase and maintain its competitiveness.
  • By analysing their business processes, we transform companies into process-oriented organisations that can be reproduced using SAP standards.
  • Our coaching services help management teams to make the right decisions in terms of strategy and technology. We also help project teams and specialised departments to get ready for new tasks and responsibilities, training their staff in the skills required to work efficiently with the SAP system.
  • Moreover, we are happy to assist and advise you with requests for proposals, tender offers and evaluations.

Software-related offerings

  • We optimize your global SAP system and align it to your business processes. We also integrate all types of third-party systems and products, such as BOSS, DIALBA/2000, front office systems, as well as archiving and PS software.
  • If required, we develop customized software solutions that cover your business processes best. In doing so, Quota uses the most advanced tools, such as CORBA, WEBsphere, or SAP ABAP.
  • We assist your IT support by providing exactly the skills and resources you need. We also service your IT within the framework of multi-year agreements, as a whole or in part.